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Dr. Pascal Losambe

Dr. Pascal Losambe

Welcome to Synergy Consulting Company, where Dr. Pascal Losambe, an accomplished author and our Co-Founder, Chief Content Officer, and consultant, brings a wealth of expertise. Holding a Bachelor's in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and a Master of Science in Biology focusing on Neurobiology, Dr. Losambe's educational journey is marked by excellence, including the prestigious Donald J. White Award for teaching.

Dr. Losambe's commitment extends beyond academia; he played a vital role in the United Front Initiative. He contributed as the keynote presenter and co-curriculum developer, fostering regional unity and reconciliation. Together with his wife and business partner, Dr. Crystal Losambe, he co-authored the impactful book "Breaking the Barriers to Belonging: United by Our Biology and Shared Humanity."

As a sought-after consultant, Dr. Losambe addresses diverse topics like diversity, equity, inclusion, educational leadership, and organizational culture. His influence is felt in strategic vision initiatives for institutions and workshops on cultural competence at national and international conferences. Recognitions include the Mosaic Award 2018 and invitations to advisory boards at Purdue University and other esteemed organizations, showcasing his dedication to excellence. Dr. Losambe's prior service on the Independent School Association of the Central States Equity and Justice Committee Board further emphasizes his commitment to equity and justice.

Dr. Crystal Losambe

Dr. Crystal Losambe

Dr. Crystal Losambe, our esteemed Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Synergy Consulting Company, brings a wealth of expertise to the intersection of healthcare and leadership. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management, she excelled at Mercer University, earning the Highest Academic Achievement in Management award.

Her academic journey continued with a Master of Science and nurse practitioner certification from Ohio State University, where she was honored with a Graduate Fellowship. Driven by a passion for healthcare leadership, Dr. Losambe pursued and achieved a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Ohio University.

With over a decade of experience as a nurse practitioner across various specialties, Dr. Losambe currently serves as the Director of Quality Management for a local hospital, demonstrating her commitment to excellence in healthcare. Beyond her clinical roles, she co-authored the impactful book "Breaking the Barriers to Belonging" with her husband, Dr. Pascal Losambe.

Dr. Losambe extends her influence beyond the healthcare realm, presenting on local and national stages on healthcare and topics related to autoimmune conditions. She is committed to community service and organizes and leads focus groups for young women with chronic conditions.

In addition to her roles as a health educator, mentor, and administrator, Dr. Crystal Losambe is the Co-founder of a real estate investment company. She has diversified her career into coaching and consulting, showcasing her versatility in business ventures.

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