"That was so Good!!  It was helpful. affirming, and informative."

"That was amazing.  We need more of him!!! I feel like he made us all feel like we were on the same team. The science he gave us was awesome. It really helps to understand and respect where we've come from and why we're all the way we are. Thanks for finding him."

"I appreciated his emphasis on brain activity and science. It wasn’t all on the individual and wasn’t all systems (which is where I tend to go). I appreciated the balance he struck. Thanks for bringing him on today!"

"I wanted to write and say thank you for yesterday, he was fantastic in so many ways.  Using scripture, videos etc. I was so elated when Pascal taught us HOW to bring change and be a diversified church. Also, how to change our "stinking thinking," as we say in AA! First constructive direction I've heard in a long time."

"I really appreciated the time with Pascal! I felt like the group exercises and getting us to examine the Trinity context/culture as a group were especially helpful and insightful."

I appreciated Dr. Losambe's outstanding facilitation skills in terms of including many voices in the space as well as using the chat to engage all of us. I appreciate his mix between information, short videos, and dialogue. Thank you!

The kind, patient and supportive delivery of the presenter.

All of it! The hook in the beginning, the videos, the science/brain images, the definitions and examples. This was once again a FANTASTIC presentation that was much appreciated. I have learned about microaggressions before, but I didn't know there were different types - and the tips for addressing microaggressions was very helpful.

"Great speaker, would love to hear him speak again."

"Pascal was awesome! What an engaging speaker, I really enjoyed this, it was fascinating!"

"I loved the speaker and was surprised to find that most unconscious bias is learned."

"I really liked that Pascal made the discussion interactive and was so flexible with taking questions at the expense of his presentation."

"This was a terrific impactful seminar.  It galvanized me.  Thank you."