Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work has gained a lot of attention over the past few decades. Organizational leaders, employees, and practitioners are interested in learning how to attract diverse talent and create inclusive environments that will result in positive outcomes for an organization. The core of DEI work is understanding that diversity-the representation of different identity groups in an organization-in itself does not lead to the success of an organization. Rather, fostering a culture and climate of inclusion and belonging that engages and leverages the creativity, strengths, and potential of each employee is what gives has tremendous benefits. Constructing an inclusive culture starts with a strong mission and vision that guides the attitudes, norms, behaviors, and practices of individuals and groups of people functioning in the organization. The essence of equity and inclusion is valuing people and empowering them to contribute their ideas. Furthermore, equity and inclusion involves creating systems within an organization that affords individuals from all walks of life, cultures, identities, and backgrounds the opportunity to thrive.

Organizational Culture

An organization’s culture is a product of its behaviors, values, norms, policies and practices. It creates an environment through which individuals make sense of their experiences. To create an organizational culture that leverages the strengths of its constituencies, effective systems must be put in place and a shared purpose must be clearly articulated. Additionally, there has to be a strong feedback cycle that allows an organization to grow from its errors and keep excelling in areas in which it is doing well. Successful organizational cultures have what Daniel Coyle terms chemistry and family, which is cultivated through intentional programming that allows people to connect and form meaningful relationships. Strong organizational cultures not only encourage vertical communication, between leaders and employees, but horizontal communication, colleague to colleague.

Educational Leadership

Leadership involves an individual influencing employees or followers to achieve organizational goals. A good leader is able to articulate a shared purpose and provide followers with the resources to reach their individual as well as organizational goals. Great leadership involves being flexible and having a humility that enables one to keep growing and learning. Exceptional leaders invest in their followers and hold them to a high standard, thus propelling the individual and the organization to greatness.  



Our workshops are designed specifically for each client to meet the objectives discussed during the initial interview, observation period, or consultation. Our goal is to provide detailed instruction, opportunities for client engagement, and evidence-based research on how to improve the participants institutional practices. Our workshops provide an opportunity to promote communication, improve teamwork and empower individuals to step out of their comfort zone and learn from others. Social engagement is a necessary skill that can only be improved when utilized in a group. Our workshops provide this opportunity. 


A consultation is an opportunity for leadership to come together with our consultants and discuss needs and potential solutions to specific concerns within the organization. The consult is tailored to our clients’ objectives and it provides the most personalized use of our resources and tools. 

Virtual Coaching

Leaders, employees or other clients can work with Synergy Consulting Company for further development in the desired areas discussed during the consultation or initial interview. This gives small groups or individuals the chance to meet with us monthly to ask questions specifically related to their areas of interest and be provided tailored solutions to improve their current practices that can be reviewed and discussed over a period of time. This option is best utilized after consultation or workshop.

Keynote Speaker

Synergy Consulting Company provides keynote presentations that will impact your communities and provide them with skills, tools, and language fostering an inclusive organizational environment. This form of outreach is a great way to empower and influence large groups in combination with organized events put together by the institution. Moreover, keynote speaking can also be a tool to enhance a sense of community within an organization.


Synergy Consulting Company provides hour-long webinars on a variety of topics. Webinars include updates on current research, best practices and practical tools for application.

Online Courses

Our online courses are formulated from an in-depth exploration of the current research and our topics are chosen based on the needs of our clients. These courses will not only benefit an organization, but also an individual wanting to improve one’s self. These courses include 2 – 5 hours’ worth of valuable content that will be sure to provide knowledge, skills and applicable understanding of the current data. 

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